Thursday, September 26, 2013

Comic Page

         Here is a comic that I made the summer before Ringling. I was experimenting with tonal color so I did it on Photoshop. I first did it with pen and ink and then transferred it over to photoshop, did a threshhold, and went over it with tonal grays and an eye-catching blue.

Design Project 2

Everyone says this is good, so I might as well show it. Not gonna lie this project was a real pain. At least I feel like I learned a thing or two. I'm grateful for Taft being my design teacher.

Shrine of the Rising Sun.

This was the "Hall of Oddities" perspective assignment. The requirements were to make four sculptures on four similar ornate pedestals with a minimum of three arches on each side. I decided to go with an oriental approach for the museum. I made the pedestals in the style of Chinese architecture while making the arches inverted as ropes with Shinto tags. I added in samurai armor as the sculptures and put ninjas on the top to fill up negative space. They also added a good amount of narrative.

This piece was inspired by my good friend Jack Corpening.

Summer Art

Here is some summer art that I did right before I came to Ringling college of art and design.